How can I find what digital billboard locations are available in Orlando from your inventory?

Answer: You can search our inventory by Address/Zip Code using our Inventory Browser Tool.

Do you provide ad production services?

Answer: Yes, for $150.00 our in-house graphic designer will provide one ad layout for your campaign. You may also design your on ad copy following our Creative Guidelines.

Where to I send my ad copy artwork to?

Answer: You e-mail your ad copy to [email protected] (Under 25MB). Please include your company name in the subject line.

How much is Billboard Advertising’s ROI?

The most common misconception about outdoor advertising is that the results are more difficult to quantify than with competing advertising media methods such as television, radio or print. Technology has paved the way in making outdoor advertising media results just as measurable as with other advertising media types.

Orlando Ourdoor Advertising has detailed information about the demographics, eyes-on exposure levels, road and foot traffic counts at their disposal for any of our outdoor media locations in Orlando. The technology advances which have made it possible to collect and analyze this data have put outdoor advertising on an equal footing with other modern advertising methods and have solidified its place again at the forefront in marketing and advertising campaigns.

Are Orlando Billboard Advertising Costs Worth It?

We provide data about the estimated number of eyes on impressions your outdoor advertising receives during the period of time it’s on display. The feedback can be fairly immediate and quantified with the results your marketing campaign has realized. This will help you evaluate the benefit you’ve experienced from Orlando Outdoor advertising and assist with planning future campaigns.

What is our normal billing cycle?

Answer: 1st month’s payment is due upfront before advertising campaign commences. Customers are billed every 4 weeks.